The Wrath of Aleister Crowley

Guilford: 1994

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Aleister Crowley’s son Amado deals with various occult topics and ‘challenges the spiritual bankruptcy of those Occult Societies which posture as the guardians of Aleister Crowley’s teachings whilst ignoring the true authority of his son.’


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The Wrath of Aleister Crowley.

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Book Publishing Details
Author: Amado Crowley (1930-2010) (Andrew Standish?)
Full title: The Wrath of Aleister Crowley
Publisher: Diamond Books, Guilford
Year Printed: 1994
Edition: First Edition
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 0951752820
ISBN: 9780951752821
Language: English
Category: Religion & Theology
Size: 215mm Tall, 8vo
Pages: 168
Stock Code: 004407
Links: The Myth of the Magus
Keywords: The Occult, occultism, occultists, Aleister Crowley, Behemoth, Therion, Taranis, Eliphas Levi, Zaltys, Vodnik, Tir, Giltine, Dennis Wheatley, Baphomet,

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