Germania: Die Yachten des Hauses Krupp

DOMIZLAFF, Svante; Alexander Rost
Delius Klasing Vlg Gmbh, 2007

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Germania: Yachts of the house of Krupp. Text in German. This book describes the life and passion for sailing of the Krupps family.


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Germania: Die Yachten des Hauses Krupp. 
Blue cloth covers with white title on spine and front cover. In slipcase with photograph on the front.

Condition: Near Fine

Book Publishing Details
Author: Svante Domizlaff, Alexander Rost
Full title: Germania: Die Yachten des Hauses Krupp
Publisher: Delius Klasing Vlg Gmbh
Year Printed: 2007
Edition: First Edition
Binding: Hardcover
Language: German
Category: Ships & the Sea
Size: 350mm Tall, Folio
Pages: 367
Stock Code: 7435
Links: Ships and Shipbuilders: Pioneers of Design and Construction
Keywords: sailing, Krupp, Alfried Krupp, yachts,


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