Fins De Siècle: How Centuries End 1400-2000

BRIGGS, Asa and Daniel Snowman (Editors).
New Haven and London: 1996

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An examination of the ‘sense of ending’ at the end of centuries and its influence in history.


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Fins De Siècle: How Centuries End 1400-2000
In seven chapters, The 1390’s to The 1990’s, each by different historians. With Index.

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Book Publishing Details
Author: Asa Briggs (1921-2016) and Daniel Snowman (Editors)
Full title: Fins De Siècle. How Centuries End 1400-2000
Publisher: Yale University Press, New Haven and London
Year Printed: 1996
Edition: First Edition
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN 10: 0300066872
ISBN 13: 9780300066876
Language: English
Category: History
Size: 255mm Tall, 4to
Pages: 248
Stock Code: 001564
Keywords: History, Paul Strohm, Malcolm Vale, Ian Archer, Catholicism, France, London, Population, Parliament, social class, America, USA, poverty, the poor

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